Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt on ArtFire

Hello Bloggers!
I know it has been a little too long since I last posted, but I spent the entire weekend reformatting the hard drive on my PC. has taken me until now to recover from that one. What a mess!!! Does anyone feel like I do when their computer isn't function properly??? Complete and total consumes my entire thought process as it is my link to the world.
More to the point of this posting, is the upcoming Easter egg hunt we are hosting on Art Fire. It begins April 1st,2009 and is entirely free to hunt; not to mention fun!!
There will be 3 (three) gift vouchers given to the top 3 hunters. Eggs will be hidden in participating Art Fire studios, and the each participant will be given a list of questions/hints to help them along the way. Each winning participant will be awarded a voucher to spend in any of the participating studios of their choice. COME JOIN IN THE FUN AND HAPPY HUNTING!!!
Below you will find a link to the site explaining the rules, etc...

Until next time bloggers, I am off to work on the makover/stocking of my studios.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Eyes on

As many of you who follow my blogs may know that I have more than one sales venue. I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks and am finally getting the hang of it. I love to feature my artisan peers and their items in my postings.

What has this done for their businesses? I'm not quite sure as it is sometimes hard/impossible to tell how a buyer came to this item. As for my business, my views in at least one venue have doubled in a week. Sales may not have, however we must all take into account the shape our economy is in.

I am currently working on stocking four (4) shops. Not to mention the various social networking sights I have joined." Why so many?" some may ask, yet the answer is simple to me. I do not believe in having all of my proverbial 'eggs' in one basket. The reason being that I feel one should disperse those eggs into several baskets, hand those baskets out to others to help distribute them and you can distribute those eggs more efficiently.

Now I am no mathematician, yet I am smart enough to know that if we all do our share of the work (i.e.; promote yourself, your business, your name, your items, and others') we will all have a better chance of bringing back the age of handmade. Not to mention increase our sales, and make some profit doing what all of us artisans love to do! I also feel that we should all support the new and upcoming online venues, instead of considering them "competition". In the end it is all up to the buyer, so we should join hands and make "handmade" an all inclusive community rather than a war of site stats and sales. Just my opinion and I hope you all enjoyed and take my words into consideration.

Please follow this link to help yourself and others market their fantastically unique handcrafted items.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday's Supplies Day.

Sunday's Supplies Day!

Well it's Sunday and the weekend is almost over. I know it stinks, but atleast I've found all you fellow jewelry designers some super deals on beads and findings to buy now and receive before next weekend arrives. I know bead and supply shopping is my second favorite thing to do! Okay...maybe 3rd or 4th. Don't forget to follow cuase we never know what I'm gonna find next time.

miabellacollection all I can say is some one better grab these before I do...hope she has plenty! I love the colors of these amazonite brick nugget stones.

beadallaboutit has some the best quality strands of uniqu and not so easy to find gemstone beads. I love the red vein jasper twists and if some one doesn't snatch them all up soon, I will!

ImagineArt has these totally fun and very creative capsul beads... I sooooo can't believe I didn't think of this first. How totally imaginative!!

thebeadyeye definately has and eye for beads (and findings) I sooooo love antiqued copper and the style of kidney ear wires. Good price too!

You all didn't think I was gonna leave myself out this time did you. Here are some items I would like to pass along.

US $2.50 with free US shipping! Sorry all...but my AFA discount doesn't apply to my supply stash. : (


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