Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sewed up Saturday

This Saturday's blog is dedicated to all things sewn up, stitched up, and of course Handmade! Since it's a soggy Saturday for me here in Trenton, Ga. I just figure I'll spend some time hand picking some of my fave sewn creations from my fellow artisans. "Sew" here's to all my "sew called stitching artisans ". The ones who sew til 'til their fingers bleed to bring us these wonderful OOAK items of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Thanks to all of you for working "sew" hard to grace us all with your brilliant creations!

makes the most stylish, cute, and oh so chic attire for our precious pooches!


How awesome is this, and oh I "sew" love the price!

How "sew" totally cute is this bib by JooSweetie

US $15.00

I hope ya'll have enjoyed today's "sewed up" items. Check back soon for more fave picks from creativehaven Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

While my original intentions were to blog/feature my favorite things on a weekly basis; it seems that there are soooooooooo many things in these shops that I just adore. I want them to be seen and recognized, so here goes 2 days in a row. For today I am choosing some of the most whimsical items I have discovered. Heck, this might even lead to a "Thread" themed Thursday blog. Who knows??? Lord knows I never do!

So here are my Whimsical Wednesday faves:

I absolutely love flutterbies!!! This artist blows me away and totally deserves some recognition.

This artist has some of THE COOLEST and MOST WHIMSICAL paintings I have ever seen!

Since I love fairies this is an obvious choice.

For my love of Dreamcatchers…this only makes sense. Totally cool and different!

As a jewelry designer/artisan, it is only natural for me to post this absolutely whimsical and beautiful bracelet from this very talented designer.

Last but certainly not least…this diva chic designer is awesome. Check out this bracelet!

A Few of my favorite things

This weeks fave picks from Creative Haven

Catinalife Creations

La-De-Da Creations

Check back soon for more of my fave handmade items!


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