Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

A feature of my favorite handmade items for my fellow Handmade Artisans.

Send the perfect Handmade greeting to loved ones with this adorable "JOY" Quilted Holiday Card from Sew Happy Designs.

This card measure 5x7 inches, comes with a matching envelope, and mails with a regular first class postage stamp.

Next up is Aunt Franni of Sunny Days Embroidery. This lady does some of the best embroidery work I've ever seen, and has a variety to suite any and all buyers in her shop on ArtFire.
I couldn't help but fall in love with the lace snowflakes she is offering. These are samples and of course she offers a customization of colors, including metallics. Measuring in at 4x4 inches and made entirely out of thread, I think they are just amazing! Buy the set and save $4 USD on the shipping price.

 In perfect keeping with traditional Holiday Colors, and impeccable jewelry design, my fellow jewelry artisan Jewelled Trellis has these beautiful Irish Colleen Earrings;

An accessory that can be purchased for Christmas and worn the whole year through! 

Now crocheting wire is something I yearn to learn someday. Though I'm sure I will, I doubt I will ever hold a candle to the lovelies that are created by Cats Wire. Even if you're not into serpents like this Fine Silver Crocheted  Snake Necklace; I'm positive you'll find many things in her studio that are absolutely charming!


If you're looking for just the right set of Holiday Greetings to send out, Dawn Correspondence is your handmade place to shop! In her Etsy store, she is offering this set of 8 (eight) Pink and Gray Snowflake Holiday Cards.

Each set comes with 8 card and 8 envelopes. If this isn't the right set for you, there are many other sets to be had in this shop!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all you for posting links to your shops. Keep the comments and links coming, and I will do a feature of your shops once a week.
'Til next time,
Be Well and Be Crafty

Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Features

So when I first started blogging, I would feature my fellow artisans each week. Well needless to say, I've been slacking! (and not just on my blog) I now vow to be more productive in my day to day life on and off line.

So here's what we're gonna do. Instead of me going through shops, asking for permission and all of that fun stuff; I'm going to let you post here.

The first 5 people to post a comment linking me to your shops,(I get to pick the items) will get a spotlight on my blog with photos and links back to your studio. I will update this at least once a week, and let you know when it's time for a new group. The posting will also be included in my weekly newsletter, which will hopefully drive more traffic to my blog, and to our shops.

I love doing this. For some reason, I have always enjoyed promoting my fellow artisans. I might even decide to post this to (haven't decided on that yet). If this all works out, I will start switching up rapid carts on my blog as well.

I plan on setting up this spotlight tomorrow so get your comments and links in. Don't procrastinate! I do enough of that for all of us!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stuck in a Crafting Rut

I just can't seem to figure it out. I'm stuck in a crafting rut(I liken this to writer's block) and I'm not quite sure how to get back on track!

Is it that my craft room is in the basement and cold? (I do have a space heater)

Is it that I have so many supplies that I don't know where to start?(I could just go pick out a bead and go from there)

Could it be that I'm discouraged about the lack of sales over the Holiday weekend that was supposed to be a super selling weekend? ( I should just get over that!)

Is it possible that I'm overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to be done around the house that I'm just avoiding everything all together? (if I don't do it, it will not get done)

Perhaps I have so many ideas, plans, want to's, and such that I just can't focus on one. (now my head is spinning)

Ya know what I think???? I think I just answered all of my own questions!

I think it's a combination of all of the above!

Haaaaaaaaalp!!! I've fallen into a crafting rut and I can't get out!!!!

Sorry, thanks for listening while I least I did update my blog!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So what did I really get done?

So what did I get done since my last post? Well let's see here. I think I wound up making about 3 batches of soap instead of just one. I didn't get too much listed in my supply shop but I did get some pics taken.

On a whim, the family and I decided to take off to Savannah, Georgia to see family that we haven't seen in years. It was awesome! We had an awesome time catching up with the latest happenings, visiting with the newest and oldest members of the family.

Did I mention we got up at 4 am on Black Friday to head to Hilton Head Island and Tanger Outlets? Oh yea baby! We did and it was awesome. Being the bargain shopper that I am, picked up a pair of Eddie Bauer pants for a whopping $6.74!
I did good, I spent less than $100 (that I didn't really have) and got some stuff I rea
lly needed.
One of the most fun parts for me
was getting my younger cousin to come over w/ all her beads and make stuff with me. She hasn't made jewelry in about 3 years, and I think I helped get her motivated again.

The ride home was long, but when we got home, after a 6 hour drive turned 8 hours; my bed was screaming my name. Plus I had more goodies than I left with. New clothes and new beads waiting in the mailbox!
So all in all, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend
and trip all the way around. I really needed the time away, and with my family.

I certainly hope everyone had as wonderful a Holiday weekend as I did.

Here are a couple things I made while I was away:

Til next time,
Be Well and Be Crafty

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Goals for the Day

Goals #1~ Update my Blog (check)
#2~ Make at least 1 batch of soap (oil is heating)
#3~ List soaps made in my shops on Artfire and Etsy (getting there)
#4~ Make hand forged ear wires and list.
#5~ Take photos and list some of my destash supplies.
That's all I'm setting out to do today, other than the normal (feed family, laundry, etc...)

Hopefully I'll get further than this and make some sales (that would be awesome).

I'll post later on how much of this I actually get done!

Til next time,
Be well and be creative!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here I go again....

Okay, so here goes nothing, or hopefully something. On a whim I decided to do yet another craft festival. Yes, even after the complete and utter failures of the few Bluegrass festivals I did over the summer.

What am I thinking?? Well, I guess I'm hoping that this time will be different. I'll spend the next 2 days in complete and utter panic, frantically trying to prepare my best presentation and my best products.

Wish me luck! I'll post pics of my set up and let you all know if it goes any better this time around.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Very Helpful Tip for Successful Photography

Ok, so here's a very useful tip that often goes unmentioned. I recently encountered this issue, and would like to share what I have learned with all of you. It is a very useful tip, so please read and take heed. Your photos will come out much better if you do as I say.

I'm not sure where you take your pics, but I personally take mine down in my studio (it may merely be a craft room, but studio is what I choose to call it) where my DIY light box is set up right in front of the window. Situated here, I have a lamp and the natural light to work with when taking pics for listings.

As the story goes, I am down there clicking away. When I find myself having to delete every other pic because #1) the little hand symbol on my camera is red if I was not holding steady and #2) cuz I can clearly see by the snapshot on my display is blurry as hell...(NOTE* this is your biggest clue).

So I'm wondering what the hell is going on as I realize that the reason my pics are blurry is because I have to pee like it's nobodies business! No wonder I can't take a decent photograph, I'm doin' the freakin' PP Dance!! Yes, like the dance my 4 year old does when he's too busy playing to take a break and relieve his
bladder. Then I start to notice that my eyes were starting to water, giving a whole new spin to the phrase "I have to pee so bad my eyeballs are floating"!

Now I'm wondering how many pics I deleted that only appeared blurry because of the tears in my eyes.

Moral of the story (in case you haven't figured it out);
Empty your bladder if you venture away from nearby facilities to take your pictures.

Plan of Action;
See if I can sweet talk The Man into starting the plans for a potty room in the basement. I mean, we may not have the money, but at least we have the square footage to work with right??


Empty Bladder= clear pics

PP Dance photography no-no!

See what I mean??!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looks Like I Found It!

So, after surviving multiple Blog template failures and disappointments, I think I have finally found the one that works for me. That's not to say I won't get bored with it at some point in time. For now, I love it!

It suits me, IMHO, and I'm sure it won't wear off too soon. It has a color that I love and a style I like even more. With plenty of room for promoting myself and my fellow artisans, adding all the widgets and gadgets I could imagine, what more can I ask for.

Thank you to all who gave your honest and very helpful feedback. I really do appreciate it! Short of being able to write code and design one exactly the way I want it, I believe this new blog design may actually excite me enough to keep my blog up to date!

Til next time!
Be well and be crafty!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I need your help!

So I'm trying to find just the right layout/design for my blog. I have been through a couple and they just don't seem to be working for me. My fonts come out all screwy, and I really don't get the undefined thingy being there at the top corner of my posts. So what I need from my readers is for you to post your honest opinions and any suggestions/help you can offer. In return, the one who is the most honest and helpful will get a 30% coupon for any purchase in either of my shops and your rapid cart code posted on my blog.
Help me please! I will be so very grateful!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Item of the Day Dept. Pick of the Week Contest/Promotion

As many of you know, I am the editor for the Item of the Day dept. of Well I have started a new contest/promotion called Pick of the Week. Every week will have a new theme, there will be prizes for the winners. The main one being a 125x125 pixel ad to run for one week. You can get all of the details here.

If you have any questions or comments, I would be more than happy to help in any way I can. Simply contact me at

Now get those submissions in! This will be great exposure for all involved!

Til next time,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The FDA's Stand on Handmade Cosmetic Products

In light of recent events and accusations against my friends and family of the Handmade Community, I have taken it upon myself to make some calls and get some questions answered myself.

After calling my local State Health Dept. and the Department of Agriculture, I was led to the FDA(Food and Drug Administration). I was told by both of the aforementioned agencies that handmade soaps, lotions, and any other form/s of cosmetics are strictly an FDA issue.

Local agencies have no stand on these products and the only stand that the FDA takes is that they neither approve nor DISAPPROVE of any cosmetic product before it goes on the market. The only stand they do take is outlined below. I was also advised that one is solely responsible if something happens to someone resulting from the use of your products.

Don't let a certain BLOGGER scare you away from making and selling what you love. I already knew all of this before I called, as I am sure most of you did. SOMEONE(You know who you are) is simply trying to scare my friends into doing what HER tainted reputation will not allow her to do.

Unfortunately for HER, I do NOT SCARE EASILY! I never have and I never will let some smoke blowing psychopathic LIAR scare me away from what I love to do. Come after me if it suits you. I will embarrass you with facts and you will feel as stupid as you are acting. Clean up your name and come back when you can act like a decent human being.

To my friends and family of the Handmade Community;
Check your info, make sure your ducks are in a nice, neat, pretty little row, and continue to do what you all love to do! CREATE, SELL, and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

From the FDA website:

FDA Authority Over Cosmetics

March 3, 2005

What does the law say about cosmetic safety and labeling?

The two most important laws pertaining to cosmetics marketed in the United States are the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA).

The FD&C Act prohibits the marketing of adulterated or misbranded cosmetics in interstate commerce. Violations of the Act involving product composition--whether they result from ingredients, contaminants, processing, packaging, or shipping and handling--cause cosmetics to be adulterated and subject to regulatory action. Under the FD&C Act, a cosmetic is adulterated if--

  • "it bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to users under the conditions of use prescribed in the labeling thereof, or under conditions of use as are customary and usual" [with an exception made for hair dyes];
  • "it consists in whole or in part of any filthy putrid, or decomposed substance";
  • "it has been prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby it may have become contaminated with filth, or whereby it may have been rendered injurious to health";
  • "its container is composed, in whole or in part, of any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render the contents injurious to health"; or
  • except for hair dyes, "it is, or it bears or contains, a color additive which is unsafe within the meaning of section 721(a)" of the FD&C Act. (FD&C Act, sec. 601)

Improperly labeled or deceptively packaged products are considered misbranded and subject to regulatory action. Under the FD&C Act, a cosmetic is considered misbranded if--

  • "its labeling is false or misleading in any particular";
  • its label does not include all required information;
  • the required information is not adequately prominent and conspicuous;
  • "its container is so made, formed, or filled as to be misleading";
  • it is a color additive, other than a hair dye, that does not conform to applicable regulations issued under section 721 of the FD&C Act; and
  • "its packaging or labeling is in violation of an applicable regulation issued pursuant to section 3 or 4 of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970." (FD&C Act, sec. 602)

In addition, under the authority of the FPLA, FDA requires an ingredient declaration to enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Cosmetics that fail to comply with the FPLA are considered misbranded under the FD&C Act.

It is important to understand that Congress passes the laws that govern the United States. To put those laws into effect, Congress authorizes certain government agencies, including FDA, to create and enforce regulations, but only as authorized under the law. A change in FDA's statutory authority over cosmetics would require Congress to change the law.

Does FDA approve cosmetics before they go on the market?

FDA's legal authority over cosmetics is different from other products regulated by the agency, such as drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Cosmetic products and ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority, with the exception of color additives. However, FDA may pursue enforcement action against violative products, or against firms or individuals who violate the law.

Who is responsible for substantiating the safety of cosmetics?

Cosmetic firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before marketing. Failure to adequately substantiate the safety of a cosmetic product or its ingredients prior to marketing causes the product to be misbranded unless the following warning statement appears conspicuously on the principal display panel of the product's label:

"Warning--The safety of this product has not been determined." (21 CFR 740.10)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


As some of you may or may not know, I am now a columnist with .

I am so excited as this site takes off, and I have the oppurtunity to inspire people through my articles in the Hand Made Community. Please check out this awesome on line news paper daily to stay up to date on all things crafty. 

What's even more exciting is that you can purchase ad space for you business, regardless of what/where it is. The prices are very reasonable and there are spots availably now. Grab yours before they're all gone.

Stay tuned and feel free to vote, comment, and browse all sections of HMN.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


AKA~~ Creative Haven

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have a Heart, for one of the best cuases I know of!

Here's a chance to help an artisan's family and win a beautiful handmade quilt in the process.

JoAnn, of Pieceful Afternoon, is trying to raise the $25,000 copay that is required for her husband Don's open heart surgery.

To raise the money that is needed for the surgery, JoAnn is actually holding a raffle which gives everyone out there the opportunity to win a gorgeous quilt. A quilt which just happens to be Don's all time favorite quilt.

One look at this quilt and one cannot help but smile! "Grandmother's Flower Garden" will fit a double sized bed and was created using tone on tone bright cheery colors A quilt like this is sure to become the favorite in any household. Imagine snuggling up beneath this beauty made from 100% cotton.

Not only are you getting the chance to win a gorgeous quilt but you're also helping a fellow artisan's family! Now that is a true reason to smile.
Please do not mention raffle if you donate beacuase PayPal will shut down her account.

Head over and find out how you can be entered into the raffle. One major way you can help is spreading the word! Blog about it and pass the word along (this will get you some entries by the way)! Feel free to copy and paste this post.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Happily Handmade

Hey Bloggers!! It's been a while, I know. I'm back now and the topic for today is "happily handmade". Why is "hand made" so special to me? It's because I have yet to meet (virtually or otherwise) an artisan/crafter that creates because they "have to". To me, this makes handmade so much more special. There are no aweful 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts on hard concrete floors running machinery that mass produces the items we make. No assembly line where you put in your pieces of the puzzle and send the rest down to the next person. Each and every minute that goes into handmade items is done with love, care, and passion. Each and every artisan I have encountered loves what they do. While many still have to work those full or part time jobs to make ends meet, they still find the time to craft their OOAK items, and put them out there for the rest of the world to enjoy. That being said, I hope everyone enjoys today's spotlight!! PiratePixieCrew makes some of "the most stylin'" knitted and crocheted items I've ever encountered!! I absolutely adore her work and I know you will too!!!

Bye for now. Please follow along for new spotlights. C ya' on the net peeps!!

>>>(psst...clicking on the pic will take you directly to the listng!)




Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt on ArtFire

Hello Bloggers!
I know it has been a little too long since I last posted, but I spent the entire weekend reformatting the hard drive on my PC. has taken me until now to recover from that one. What a mess!!! Does anyone feel like I do when their computer isn't function properly??? Complete and total consumes my entire thought process as it is my link to the world.
More to the point of this posting, is the upcoming Easter egg hunt we are hosting on Art Fire. It begins April 1st,2009 and is entirely free to hunt; not to mention fun!!
There will be 3 (three) gift vouchers given to the top 3 hunters. Eggs will be hidden in participating Art Fire studios, and the each participant will be given a list of questions/hints to help them along the way. Each winning participant will be awarded a voucher to spend in any of the participating studios of their choice. COME JOIN IN THE FUN AND HAPPY HUNTING!!!
Below you will find a link to the site explaining the rules, etc...

Until next time bloggers, I am off to work on the makover/stocking of my studios.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All Eyes on

As many of you who follow my blogs may know that I have more than one sales venue. I have only been blogging for a couple of weeks and am finally getting the hang of it. I love to feature my artisan peers and their items in my postings.

What has this done for their businesses? I'm not quite sure as it is sometimes hard/impossible to tell how a buyer came to this item. As for my business, my views in at least one venue have doubled in a week. Sales may not have, however we must all take into account the shape our economy is in.

I am currently working on stocking four (4) shops. Not to mention the various social networking sights I have joined." Why so many?" some may ask, yet the answer is simple to me. I do not believe in having all of my proverbial 'eggs' in one basket. The reason being that I feel one should disperse those eggs into several baskets, hand those baskets out to others to help distribute them and you can distribute those eggs more efficiently.

Now I am no mathematician, yet I am smart enough to know that if we all do our share of the work (i.e.; promote yourself, your business, your name, your items, and others') we will all have a better chance of bringing back the age of handmade. Not to mention increase our sales, and make some profit doing what all of us artisans love to do! I also feel that we should all support the new and upcoming online venues, instead of considering them "competition". In the end it is all up to the buyer, so we should join hands and make "handmade" an all inclusive community rather than a war of site stats and sales. Just my opinion and I hope you all enjoyed and take my words into consideration.

Please follow this link to help yourself and others market their fantastically unique handcrafted items.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday's Supplies Day.

Sunday's Supplies Day!

Well it's Sunday and the weekend is almost over. I know it stinks, but atleast I've found all you fellow jewelry designers some super deals on beads and findings to buy now and receive before next weekend arrives. I know bead and supply shopping is my second favorite thing to do! Okay...maybe 3rd or 4th. Don't forget to follow cuase we never know what I'm gonna find next time.

miabellacollection all I can say is some one better grab these before I do...hope she has plenty! I love the colors of these amazonite brick nugget stones.

beadallaboutit has some the best quality strands of uniqu and not so easy to find gemstone beads. I love the red vein jasper twists and if some one doesn't snatch them all up soon, I will!

ImagineArt has these totally fun and very creative capsul beads... I sooooo can't believe I didn't think of this first. How totally imaginative!!

thebeadyeye definately has and eye for beads (and findings) I sooooo love antiqued copper and the style of kidney ear wires. Good price too!

You all didn't think I was gonna leave myself out this time did you. Here are some items I would like to pass along.

US $2.50 with free US shipping! Sorry all...but my AFA discount doesn't apply to my supply stash. : (

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sewed up Saturday

This Saturday's blog is dedicated to all things sewn up, stitched up, and of course Handmade! Since it's a soggy Saturday for me here in Trenton, Ga. I just figure I'll spend some time hand picking some of my fave sewn creations from my fellow artisans. "Sew" here's to all my "sew called stitching artisans ". The ones who sew til 'til their fingers bleed to bring us these wonderful OOAK items of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Thanks to all of you for working "sew" hard to grace us all with your brilliant creations!

makes the most stylish, cute, and oh so chic attire for our precious pooches!


How awesome is this, and oh I "sew" love the price!

How "sew" totally cute is this bib by JooSweetie

US $15.00

I hope ya'll have enjoyed today's "sewed up" items. Check back soon for more fave picks from creativehaven Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

While my original intentions were to blog/feature my favorite things on a weekly basis; it seems that there are soooooooooo many things in these shops that I just adore. I want them to be seen and recognized, so here goes 2 days in a row. For today I am choosing some of the most whimsical items I have discovered. Heck, this might even lead to a "Thread" themed Thursday blog. Who knows??? Lord knows I never do!

So here are my Whimsical Wednesday faves:

I absolutely love flutterbies!!! This artist blows me away and totally deserves some recognition.

This artist has some of THE COOLEST and MOST WHIMSICAL paintings I have ever seen!

Since I love fairies this is an obvious choice.

For my love of Dreamcatchers…this only makes sense. Totally cool and different!

As a jewelry designer/artisan, it is only natural for me to post this absolutely whimsical and beautiful bracelet from this very talented designer.

Last but certainly not least…this diva chic designer is awesome. Check out this bracelet!

A Few of my favorite things

This weeks fave picks from Creative Haven

Catinalife Creations

La-De-Da Creations

Check back soon for more of my fave handmade items!


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