Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sewed up Saturday

This Saturday's blog is dedicated to all things sewn up, stitched up, and of course Handmade! Since it's a soggy Saturday for me here in Trenton, Ga. I just figure I'll spend some time hand picking some of my fave sewn creations from my fellow artisans. "Sew" here's to all my "sew called stitching artisans ". The ones who sew til 'til their fingers bleed to bring us these wonderful OOAK items of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Thanks to all of you for working "sew" hard to grace us all with your brilliant creations!

makes the most stylish, cute, and oh so chic attire for our precious pooches!


How awesome is this, and oh I "sew" love the price!

How "sew" totally cute is this bib by JooSweetie

US $15.00

I hope ya'll have enjoyed today's "sewed up" items. Check back soon for more fave picks from creativehaven Have a great Saturday!


Franni said...

What creative people we have on artfire!! Love that baby bib wish I had a baby to put it on!

Suzbax said...

That doggie outfit is the bomb. Who wouldn't want to be seen in that? I love Spoiled Bratzwear.

flowerchild79 said...

Just imagine what is yet to come!!! Especially after I really get the hang of blogging. Anyone know where I can get a custom template???

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