Friday, March 5, 2010

Lampwork Focal Glass Pendant, Glacier Bay

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enchanting Chainmaille

I, for one, am totally taken by chainmaille, as it one of those things I've yet to try. I wonder secretly (until now) if I could ever hold a candle to the wonderful Chainmaille Artisans I've come to know and admire. Now, for your viewing (and maybe even shopping) pleasure, I bring to you some of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite Chainmaille Artisans.
Allow me the pleasure to introduce you to 28SidesDesigns  of ArtFire.
One can't help but be entranced by her Violet Valentine Victorian Choker with Heart Locket.

Next I bring you Nightmaiden. Among all of the beautiful, enticing items in her shop, this one is a personal favorite, and very well be my next "me purchase".
I don't get to do it often these days, however Diana's Chained in Faith Chainmaille Rosary Bracelet would be money well spent in my opinion.

And yet another of my favorite jewelry artisans brings us an absolutely elegant piece of chainmaille. I humbly introduce you to Robyn of JewelledTrellis.
Granted, these are the things that enchant and enthrall me, I urge you to peruse these shops and find something that fits your style. These wonderful artisans have so more to offer than I can cover in one post. 
'Til next time, be well and be crafty!
~~April aka Creative Haven

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

A feature of my favorite handmade items for my fellow Handmade Artisans.

Send the perfect Handmade greeting to loved ones with this adorable "JOY" Quilted Holiday Card from Sew Happy Designs.

This card measure 5x7 inches, comes with a matching envelope, and mails with a regular first class postage stamp.

Next up is Aunt Franni of Sunny Days Embroidery. This lady does some of the best embroidery work I've ever seen, and has a variety to suite any and all buyers in her shop on ArtFire.
I couldn't help but fall in love with the lace snowflakes she is offering. These are samples and of course she offers a customization of colors, including metallics. Measuring in at 4x4 inches and made entirely out of thread, I think they are just amazing! Buy the set and save $4 USD on the shipping price.

 In perfect keeping with traditional Holiday Colors, and impeccable jewelry design, my fellow jewelry artisan Jewelled Trellis has these beautiful Irish Colleen Earrings;

An accessory that can be purchased for Christmas and worn the whole year through! 

Now crocheting wire is something I yearn to learn someday. Though I'm sure I will, I doubt I will ever hold a candle to the lovelies that are created by Cats Wire. Even if you're not into serpents like this Fine Silver Crocheted  Snake Necklace; I'm positive you'll find many things in her studio that are absolutely charming!


If you're looking for just the right set of Holiday Greetings to send out, Dawn Correspondence is your handmade place to shop! In her Etsy store, she is offering this set of 8 (eight) Pink and Gray Snowflake Holiday Cards.

Each set comes with 8 card and 8 envelopes. If this isn't the right set for you, there are many other sets to be had in this shop!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all you for posting links to your shops. Keep the comments and links coming, and I will do a feature of your shops once a week.
'Til next time,
Be Well and Be Crafty

Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Features

So when I first started blogging, I would feature my fellow artisans each week. Well needless to say, I've been slacking! (and not just on my blog) I now vow to be more productive in my day to day life on and off line.

So here's what we're gonna do. Instead of me going through shops, asking for permission and all of that fun stuff; I'm going to let you post here.

The first 5 people to post a comment linking me to your shops,(I get to pick the items) will get a spotlight on my blog with photos and links back to your studio. I will update this at least once a week, and let you know when it's time for a new group. The posting will also be included in my weekly newsletter, which will hopefully drive more traffic to my blog, and to our shops.

I love doing this. For some reason, I have always enjoyed promoting my fellow artisans. I might even decide to post this to (haven't decided on that yet). If this all works out, I will start switching up rapid carts on my blog as well.

I plan on setting up this spotlight tomorrow so get your comments and links in. Don't procrastinate! I do enough of that for all of us!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stuck in a Crafting Rut

I just can't seem to figure it out. I'm stuck in a crafting rut(I liken this to writer's block) and I'm not quite sure how to get back on track!

Is it that my craft room is in the basement and cold? (I do have a space heater)

Is it that I have so many supplies that I don't know where to start?(I could just go pick out a bead and go from there)

Could it be that I'm discouraged about the lack of sales over the Holiday weekend that was supposed to be a super selling weekend? ( I should just get over that!)

Is it possible that I'm overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to be done around the house that I'm just avoiding everything all together? (if I don't do it, it will not get done)

Perhaps I have so many ideas, plans, want to's, and such that I just can't focus on one. (now my head is spinning)

Ya know what I think???? I think I just answered all of my own questions!

I think it's a combination of all of the above!

Haaaaaaaaalp!!! I've fallen into a crafting rut and I can't get out!!!!

Sorry, thanks for listening while I least I did update my blog!


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